Friday, September 08, 2006

The King Size Bed

Oh the joys and trials of a king size bed....

As any married couple would know, the size of a shared bed is of significant importance. Particularly when it is hot.

Too small of a bed means getting occasionally kicked, elbowed and pushed (although the kicking and elbowing may be unintentional, the pushing is usually very much on purpose!); not to mention the sweating. Ugh, sweating in bed is the worst. Of course having a small bed when it's quite cold outside is wonderful because then it is nice having a personal heater; but when it's over 80 degrees you just don't want your heater of a spouse anywhere close to you.

But then there is the other side of the coin. The king size bed... Holy cow this thing is huge! I've already woken up several times in the dead of night and stretched as far as I could just to see if my husband was still in the same timezone as me!

And then when you do want to cuddle it's not just a roll and squeeze kinda thing anymore. Oh no, now it requires scootching rather ungracefully across the huge expanse of mattress separating you from your hunny.

However, with such a large bed it means that both of you get to sprawl as much as you like without all the kicking and pushing, and that is a definite plus!

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