Monday, October 23, 2006

The Valley

It is filled with difficulties and hardships, from which you may learn many things, and become a better person for; but the pain and sorrow you must endure exact a bitter toll.

And at this moment in my life, I am teetering on the brink of yet another of these valleys.

I say, yet another, because I have been through many valleys in my life; and, in fact, there is one particular valley from which I have not yet entirely escaped. It seems, instead, to go on and on ahead of me, broken only occasionally by bright hilltops of relief; and it is from the edge of just such a hilltop that I now contemplate my life.

I know I have progressed far along this valley for I have learned much along the way. I look back and see clearly the right and wrong turns I have made; I look ahead and see only the darkness of uncertainty in this valley at my feet.

Neither the past, nor the future can I change from where I now stand. I can only learn as best I am able from my remembered experiences and strive to make better decisions on the road ahead.

There is, however, one part of my future that I see... I see it as one sees through a frosted window and then only from a great distance. Between myself and this bright future the only certainty I see is a midnight haze, in which anything and everything in this life will happen.

I see the window clearly when I am on the hilltops; it shines brightly upon me and gives me glimpses of hope. Of comfort. Of my King.

When I am down in the valley it shines upon me still, but I do not always attend. Too often, I am distracted by the muck and mire that suck at my feet and slow my progress. Too often, I sit and flail about in the swamps, bemoaning my life and whining like a spoiled child.

But now... now, I wait. now, I tremble

I look ahead and all seems dark; I do not know how deep or how long this valley may be, but my Lord bids me step forward in faith.

I lift up my heart... I let fall my life... I tremble... I step.


Uncle Tim said...

Em, I think that this is an exceptional piece. Nice description and beautifully put! I've read it 3 times already.

Em said...

Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for me and showed such support. I love you all and give thanks to God everyday for you.
Just to clarify any misunderstanding; my emotional state while writing this blog was not defeat or depression, but rather one of faith and determination.
With the Lord's help, I am going strong and can make it through anything.
May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. =)

d.u. said...

That was a really nice wy of putting what you're going through Emily,I hope you stay strong and get through this difficult time in your life.I'll be parying for you.

the old fart said...

the old fart said...
great story. One that relates to all people at whatever stage of our life we are in.Always remeber the joy of the peaks so the valleys never get you down