Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Wii for Me and a Mii for my Wii

So my wonderful husband did yet another wonderful thing and bought me a Wii for my birthday!

Now the ironic thing is that D has been trying to get me interested in video games for years, even buying a Nemo game for his Xbox in the hope that I'd like it.

Uh, not so much.

And then a friend of ours got a Wii. A tennis friend of ours.... Let me just say that watching a group of 'experienced' tennis players play tennis on a Wii is rather...amusing. (okay, hilarious)

In fact, watching anyone of any age play anything on a Wii is pretty darn amusing. Particularly if said persons are....shall we say...high-strung? (looking forward to introducing my mom to the Wii just a weee bit)

Tennis and bowling happen to be my favorites of the included sports games. So, imagine little (big-bellied) me who has only ever like Super Mario Bros suddenly quite (obsessed) interested in a video game. Of course, considering that I hardly ever stand for long periods of time (um...30-45 seconds is long, right?) I pretty much just sit on the couch and flick my remote around for the tennis game (now thems some skillz).
But that's not all folks! My wonderful Wii has a wonderful feature that lets D and me buy games directly from the internet and download them to the Wii. Not just any games, mind you, but the original games from the original Nintendo! Yes, that means that I now have Super Mario Bros on my Wii. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!
LKF (little known fact) to follow:
I happen to glory in the fact that I am the kind of person who loves the feeling of maturity and sophistication I get when sipping wine with dinner just as I love the feeling of immaturity I get when sneaking a few minutes of Super Mario Bros before leaving for work in the morning.
Hmm...my train has been sidetracked to a few of my other 'quirks', but I'll have to save that for a different post. Maybe I'll have to combine a LKF post with a WH (wonderful husband) post.
NAH...I just can't help spouting about my wonderful husband with all the randomness of my pregnant brain. Last night I came home and my WH, who had just finished his first day of (temporary) construction work, gave me a big hug and asked if he could make dinner for me!
Oh how I love my WH! I am so incredibly spoiled by him!
Oh, and dinner? Awesome!

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