Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday I was given 30-days notice of termination by the company's HR person. I already knew that corporate was shutting down our division but had been told my end date was scheduled for March 31, 2009. Recently they decided to move it up a year; they are now terminating my position as of March 31, 2008.

After hearing about it, one of my co-workers called me to ask how I was doing. My response? "Are you kidding me? I about to break into song!" That's right, people. I am 100% THRILLED. I can't stop smiling. No, I'm not having a mental breakdown.

I have wanted out since before having Anna. and now. I. AM. FREE!!!!! Well, I will be in a month. I'm quivering with excitement. You know that saying, 'When God shuts a door, he opens a window.'? On this one God is shutting a dirty little peep-hole and opening a set of french doors. Okay, I may be exagerating just a bit; work isn't always that horrible. but it's pretty darn close. I am still planning on finding another job, but my next job will be down in town. No more hour long commutes for me!

I think the only thing I'm a bit dissapointed about is missing the breakfast they feed us at the quarterly meetings. But that always came with a snooze inducing lecture on how the company was doing anyway. Man, I feel sorry for the poor saps I'll be leaving behind.



oldfart said...

I know you wanted away from that job for a while now.New adventures are a kick a you will find a dandy job down the road. In the mean time try not to get to soft and dont spoil twitterpea!!

Madame Queen said...

Woo hoo? boy, you're a lot calmer than I am. I would probably be freaking out, but I'm kind of a worry wart anyway. If it makes you happy, though, that's what counts!

Momma Em said...

OFart- Aw, you actually commented with out me having to threaten you.

MQueen- Happy is an understatement. I AM freaking out, in a very good way. *wink*