Saturday, May 10, 2008

Life Changes

Yes, I am back. I am very sorry I have taken so long to post again. That said, I will pick up where I left off.

I called the next morning as planned and was told that they felt they needed to still interview the other applicants and that they wanted to talk to me the next day. I was confused because I thought I had already been offered the job but agreed to call again the next morning.

So I called Wednesday morning as planned. No answer. Okay, no biggie. I left a message. And no one called back the ENTIRE day. Um....confused much? Yah. But maybe they're just busy. I called Thursday morning. No answer. What the heck? Left another message. No call ... no call ... no call ... Are you kidding me???? 5pm. They call BUT they didn't actually realize they were calling me. Oh, that's a good sign. "We've been telling the other applicants that the position has been filled." Uh, do they mean by me? or by someone else? Is this confusing to anyone else?! Then they went on to say that they were still in the decision making process and they wanted to talk to me on Monday morning.

So an entire week after the initial interview and (I thought) job offer, I got my official job offer. But actually for a different position within the company. The original job I had applied for was a front desk receptionist position and the job I eventually got was a back office administrative assistant. It turned out that I was a little over qualified for the first position so they gave me a different one.

This past week was actually my first week. They delayed by start date because my mom was coming to visit and to also prepare the person I will eventually be replacing.

So after some (a lot of) confusion, I now have a new job and am really enjoying myself. But we have company over right now so I should really go be sociable and play the good host.


Tj & Mark said...

Yea! A post. What confusion!?

Katy said...

Good for you Emily for being persistent! And being over-qualified certainly isn't an insult!

Congrats on your new position! I'm happy for you :) Going back to work after baby can be tough, but hang in there. If it's what you really want then it's worth it!!!


Tj & Mark said...

OK! Enough work already! Speak to us. How are you?

Tj & Mark said...

When you are back in the blogging business, drop in at the ranch. :-)