Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweet and Sour

About a week ago TweeterPea finally developed a case of the dreaded SEPARATION ANXIETY. She has been freaking out pretty much everytime I put her down or walk away from her. Along with this has come the beginnings of the "pushing it" phase: pushing the boundaries, pushing the off-limit buttons, checking to see if we really mean "No". Ya know, the usual stuff.

This morning she was following me around as I attempted to get ready for work; sometimes playing but mostly crying because I wouldn't pick her up and carry her everywhere. Then when I was finally ready for work I picked her up and sat in the glider with her. She promptly laid her head on my chest and snuggled into my arms.

I spent the next twenty minutes rocking my sweet, cuddly little baby girl.

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Kelly said...

Isn't that just the ultimate!? And Emma is going through seperation issues too, fortunatly she can go just about everywhere with me these days! It is great to be a stay at home mom again! Love you!