Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stoopid Plants

Sooo, the black thumb is not so gone as I'd hoped. Guess I'm even more delusional than you thought, eh?

Although I am rather P.O.'d that none of my flower seeds grew. After all that I shaped and planted and watered...nada. Not a single, stupid little seed sprouted. So I gave up and planted a hydrangea that I bought at a farmer's market. It's doing well and hasn't died...yet.

Even down in the vegetable garden the only things of mine that have sprouted and survived the boar are my peas, which are producing wonderfully, and a few cherry tomato plants that are growing VERY slowly. I'm thinking they will produce some flowers around the new year and a couple small tomatoes about valentines day.

Oh, well. At least TweeterPea likes peas.


Kelly said...

Sure glad to see you back on here even if it's to report your poor gardening skills! Haha! You should see my yard! Yikes!

Tj and Mark said...

You are alive even if your plants don't fare so well. LOL. Weird. Weird that you can grow tomatoes in the winter. I like Hawaii. Thanks for checking in...appsinabarrow indeed.