Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Celebrating the Redneck in Me

I dedicate this post to Tanis.

I was born in Iowa. Iowa Falls, Iowa.

I played with fish hearts as a kid. (Yes, the HEART)

I could gut and clean a fish in five minutes without batting an eyelash but FREAKED OUT the first time I had to clean a frozen chicken breast.(Yeah, thanks for video-taping THAT, Mom!)

Daddy taught me to shoot at about 10 years old...aiming at old beer cans of course.
Then took same beer can to school as show and tell

I grew up in Sedro-Woolley (Seed-row Wool-E)the "Home of the LOGGER-RODEO".

My choice for Senior spring break was a camping trip with Dad.

My husband knows how to butcher a deer. AND makes the tastiest deer-jerky you will ever know.

I ACED my hunter's safety course the first time I took it.(along with my sisters and mother...OF COURSE)

Kansas venison will ALWAYS be my favorite meat.

Oh, and my brother-in-law has killed ducks the DUCK COMMANDER way. (believe me, you do NOT want to know. It involves the duck's head and his mouth.)


Redneck Mommy said...

Aw, thanks sugar.

I can field dress a deer in the blink of an eye. Just one of my many talents.


The hubs and I have recently started teaching the kids how to operate fire arms.

Instead of beer cans, I find old barbies, fill their heads with ketchup and use them for target practice.

We are sick, sick people.

Kelly said...

Are you having trouble finding your redneckness in beautiful Hawaii??? :) I am sure Chris would be very proud to know that he made it into your post! Glad you are back on here!

Momma Em said...

Tanis - My favorite thing to use for target practice is old VHS tapes. If you hit the spool just right it explodes nicely.

Kel - aren't you proud to be the one to kiss him after that?

Tj and Mark said...

Cool, but what about the duck thing? I may really want to know....

Momma Em said...

Do you? Do you really?

Well, you asked for it.

He killed an injured duck by biting it's head and crushing it's skull.

See? Told you so.