Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warning: a whole lotta griping ahead

You know that place?

That place where you cry.
That place where you cry even knowing it will only make the pain worse.
That place where even a white mocha peppermint latte can't help you feel better?
I'm in that place.

That place where your throat feels like it's being scraped by sandpaper with every excruciating cough.
That place where you head feels like it is being filled with concrete though your ears.
I hate that place.

I am stuck in the middle of that place. I've been stuck here for three miserable days and it has only gotten worse.

But you know what makes it better? I have no sick time left at work. I will next week. Next week I'll have plenty of sick time. This week? Nope.

Okay, maybe that question was a bit sarcastic, but can you blame me? I think I just coughed up a lung. I gotta do something...even it it's just griping about my pain to my unsuspecting readers. All four of you. (and that's counting my mother and eldest sister.)

Hey, at least I warned you first.

Now excuse me while I go cough up my other lung.


Kelly said...

I'm sorry Em! I am still trying to get rid of a cough from a cold that started three weeks ago! It's not fun! It was great to see you all last night on the webcam and maybe we can do it again tonight when Stacy and Jeremie are here too! Love you!

oldfart said...

From now on perhaps you will take my advise and stop kissing PIGS. The sickness is terrible.Next time just pet the pig.