Saturday, April 02, 2011

Nothing like a rock through a window... make a night rough.

A friend of ours spent the night last night in order to play video games with D until the wee hours of the morning but at about 1am their game play was cut short courtesy of a rather large rock shattering our front window (directly behind D's head) with a sound like a gunshot. The boys hit the floor and crawled out of the room, picked up the phone and called 911.

I woke up to the sound of TweeterPea just beginning to moan in her sleep (she was having gas pains that night and this was the 2nd time I'd gotten up) While in her room I noticed D's voice and became worried that he would wake up the kids. I went to the top of the stairs and, though I thought it very strange that the lights were all off, I whispered down to D. Our friend quickly crawled (kinda freaked me out) up the stairs and told me the front window had been broken. (I evidently can sleep though a gunshot-like noise but spring fully awake if I hear my kids)

I immediately started praying for our safety (we didn't know if it had been a rock or a gunshot at this point) and for the Lord to keep my children asleep. D also crawled up the stairs and he and our friend got out his shotgun and loaded it. Then we all sat at the top of the stairs with our friend (who is in the military) aiming the shotgun at the front door. (he may have been praying that the idiot would come through the door but thankfully my prayers proved the stronger!)

When the police arrived (impressively fast) our friend went into our bedroom and unloaded the shotgun. The noise was painfully loud and I tripled my prayers that the kids wouldn't wake up.

We discovered that a rather large rock had been thrown through our front window (probably because they could see the video game), and they had also broken the windshield and side window of our friend's truck.

The boys boarded up the window with a piece of plywood that D had; and I prayed again that the kids wouldn't wake up!

So now we're left with a broken window, which I'm sure will be expensive to replace, and a shattered sense of physical security but with a stronger sense of the Lord's protection and care as only the Lord is able to truly keep us safe and keep our children asleep with as much noise as occurred here last night!
Praise be to the name of God, forever and ever!

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