Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crazy Child

Oh, the wonders of pregnancy... or should I say, the weirdness of being kicked from the inside!

23 weeks and I have long been certain that this little girl is crazy. First there was the 'loser' sign she gave D in her 18 week sonogram, and then there is her favorite hobby of kickboxing, and the newest item she has added to her resume of insanity... explorer.

Twice now I have felt her kicking so far over on my left side that she was practically touching my back. I didn't even know my uterus went that far over! And if that wasn't enough; after the second time that she was over there I suddenly felt her crawling back over to the right side. That. was. weird.

But no matter how far my little girl wanders in her exploration she always comes back to her favorite spot. That's right, the exact same little spot she has enjoyed kicking since I first felt her move at 17 weeks. Hey, at least I know she'll always come home, right?

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