Thursday, October 25, 2007

Moments of Memory

The moments of memory that I wish to capture and hold forever
They linger in time and are gone in a flash
Your smile and coo
Your stretch and yawn

You look at me - absolutely priceless
So innocent. So ironic
I don't know how you do it

You hold my heart in your little hands
Your sweet, soft little hands
Tight little fists one moment
Finger spread wide the next

Tuck them close under your chin
Hold them high above your head
They will change the world
They have changed mine

I will hold you close, protect you
I will let you fly

My heart will break
But not yet...not yet, darling one
For now, I will store up these precious memories

1 comment:

Deb said...

Well, that was very touching! And it brings back memories for me.
Made me cry to see how great all of you girls are with your little ones and I can't help but feel a little pride in thought that I must have done something right to have raised 4 wonderful daughters, who picked 4 wonderful husbands and now have 6 wonderful grandkids.
I am truly blessed among women and I pray that you all continue to increase in your knowledge and love of God, which in response increases your love of spouse, family, friends and those you serve.
Love and God's bountiful and perfect blessings, Mom