Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Such a Big Girl

Darling daughter,

You are now three months old and I can hardly believe how much you have grown and changed in such a short time.

When you were still inside me I liked to call you my 'crazy child' because of how active you were. I still remember the sense of wonder I felt each time you decided to do some kick-boxing or yoga.

Then you were born and my wonder and amazement increased ten-fold... You lifted your head high off my chest mere moments after being born. You may have been able to keep your head up for only a second but it was a herald of things to come. Ever since then you have always wanted to hold your head up and look at the things around you. It shows just how tired you are if you actually lay your head down.

And then the legs... Ah, yes, the legs.

The little legs that kicked and pushed so mercilessly inside me. As soon as they were free of my body's constraint they stuck out straight as could be from your little body as if they were glad to finally be able to fully stretch. And true to form, they often straighten and flex as if reassuring themselves that they really are free.

From the very beginning you often flexed them while laying against my body; even then your little legs were already strong enough to support your lower half. With all that exercise it was no surprise to your Daddy and I when you were supporting your full weight on them at two months old. Now one of your favorite things is to be standing or sitting up with us. Even when someone is holding you, you still flex your strong little legs as if you wanted to be even higher.

Such a big girl. I love you so!

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