Monday, January 21, 2008

Much Better Now, Thank You

Yay! My hip is better, so much better!

I can actually walk. Yay!
I can carry my daughter. Yay!
I still kinda limp and look funny doing it, but that's okay!

Quick back story for the curious: Two Hawaiians in the snow on a four-wheeler = OUCH! I landed on my right hip. The ER doc said it wasn't broken but thought it was probably a torn or strained ligament.

I'm thinking it was just strained instead of torn. Well, maybe more hoping that's all it was/is...whatever. I'm just glad it is so much better. Now if my eyelid would only stop twitching! But that's totally unrelated....I think.

Happy Tuesday!

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the weirdgirl said...

How awful! I've had back problems before so I know how you feel! You get so sick of feeling like an invalid and not getting anything done. And being in pain is just draining.

So glad you're feeling better!