Friday, February 22, 2008

I gotcha now

I SEEEEE you! That's right, lurkers, *I'm talking to you, OldFart* your days of sneaking around my blog unseen are OVER. I got me a sitemeter and I knows how to use it. Sorta.

So it's time to crawl out of the woodwork and let yourself be seen. It is Momma's un-official De-Lurker Day!

PS>OldFart is TweeterPea's grandpa and Momma Em's father-in-law. Please feel free to poke, mock, and generally abuse him anytime your fingers start itching. (you'll need his permission to hug, kiss, or love on him)


oldfart said...

Thats not fair to uncover my highly organized steath cover. I may never properly recover. Keep writingluv ya a bunch!!

Madame Queen said...

Well, I'm not *technically* a lurker, but I'll leave a comment anyway! I love my sitemeter, but sometimes it's quite disturbing to see what google searches bring people to my page. I'm like WTH?

Denguy said...

I am a constant lurker. I've never been here before, so I'm not a lurker of your blog--just my regulars.