Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trendsetting Momma

That's right, I'm a trendsetting Momma! Who knew. Certainly not the kids at my high school...or college. But as a Momma, heck yes! Stop sniggering. I am not delusional. At least not at the moment... I have actually started not one, but TWO trends. Whoot whoot! It's mah birthday.

My wonderful trends? My hairstylist & my daycare. Yup, I'm pretty proud of myself for picking the most wunderfee women for the two most important decisions in a young mother's life. After all what is more important than your hair? Oh, yeah...and the person you trust your child to.

Okay, real story?

My best friend is the most awesome hairstylist to come out of S.Cali since... forever. What? I'm not biased. And it may have taken me almost an entire year to convince my co-workers to try her out but now they worship the ground she walks on (ok, only one of them does. But she does call her the "hair-goddess"), plus through them, even more people are jumping on the hair-wagon. *sigh* If they had only listened to me earlier, they wouldn't have wasted an entire year on bad hair.

Upside: My best friend gets the rep she deserves and makes mucho moonay. (my evil plan is working!)

Downside: My best friend is too busy to either do my hair or hang out with me anymore. (Dang! My evil plan backfired and pooped on my poorly coifed head!)

It took some doing to find good daycare for my baby girl *read-calling lists of people only to be told they had no infant spots open. Then nurse practitioner at Pediatritians office (and friend) tells us of great daycare lady*, but it was worth the effort (luck!). TweeterPea loves her (NOT more than Momma, be quiet!), and so do D and I. Recently a co-worker started using the same daycare lady, and just today another friend said they were going to call her about their toddler.

Downside: Okay, so I wasn't the reason they decided to go with my daycare lady and I really didn't have much to do with it. (I did provide a reference for the co-worker and encouraged the friend).

Upside: They can't steal her!

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Madame Queen said...

I've recently referred a couple of people to my stylist. It's such a good feeling when the come back happy! Now if only I could get some sort of kick back. Hmmmm....