Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday

So after being so incredibly adventureous yesterday, we spent the entire day doing...well, actually stuff. Granted, neither of us took showers or even changed out of our pajamas. *what? TMI for you? At least you aren't close enough to smell our stinky bums* Regardless of our colletive stench, both D and I were fairly productive. Pretty impressive considering we were planning to impersonate slugs today.

D spent most of the, wait....ALL DAY working with his new baseball cards. He recently bought several large lots on Ebay and is now sorting and reselling most of them. *Just between you and me, I think his 'business' is really just a cover for expanding his personal collection.*

I spend the entire morning *you are never going to believe this* COOKING! First, I made the King of all omletts for D and I. Then I made stew. or soup. never really sure on the difference there. Anyway, I'm told it was good. ...Personally, I'm still rather dissatisfied with the results but, since it was only my second attempt, I'll settle for edible.

My first stew had a tomato based broth and this time I tried for a more beef broth. Only I had no beef bullion. There were beef chunks in the stew, but no beef bullion. I thought the broth was lacking in flavor but D said it was good. I'm thinking either my tongue stopped working or his turned silver. Anyhow, if you have any good suggestions (no bad suggestions please) for a deeeeelicious beef broth, please enlighten me.

TweeterPea also had a busy day today. Her schedule was full of squealing, squeaking, laughing, crying, screaming and shrieking. She also managed to squeeze in playing, napping and even some cuddling with Momma. *Heaven in a hug, people.*

The squealing, squeaking and laughing is generally a good thing with TweeterPea; however, today she mixed it rather liberally with the crying, screaming and shrieking. The result...two very confused parents and proof of a strong set of lungs. Do they make bi-polar medicine for infants? No? That's okay, the combination of teething tablets and a bottle seemed to work. Who knew.

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