Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Adventure

Well, I told you we were going to enjoy this island and I meant it. So today D, TweeterPea and I went for a wittle dwive. Ops, sorry. I tend to slip into baby talk randomly. Everybody does that, right?

We got up early this morning *thanks to TweeterPea* and after fiddling around the house for awhile, finally decided to drive south to the Punaluu (pronounced poo-na-loo-oo) Bakery for some sweet bread. Because Hawaiian living just ain't Hawaiian without the sweet bread, braddah.

So we dragged our tushies to the car and headed south. It took us a little while to get past the towns and more into the country but it was fun seeing scenery we weren't used to looking at every day. Well, actually neither D nor I had even been south of town in over a year. (We usually head north whenever I can convince D that I will die if we don't do something fun.)

We were meandering along and saw a sign for Hookena and decided to explore a bit. After following a very twisty and poorly paved road for about two miles, we found an awesome black sand beach. It had soft, thick black sand gently sloping into the water with dramatic cliffs in the background. It was niiiiice. Palm trees swaying an' warm breezes playing, baby. We didn't stay long but I'm sure we'll go back before too long.

This is D throwing TweeterPea in the water.

It took a little while to get to the bakery and both D and I were hun-grrr-y. We got a couple cheesy burgers and had the most deeeelicious bismarks for desert. We played around in their garden a bit and then headed back.

TweeterPea's first encounter with the green stuff. Look at those chubby legs! Hers, not mine thank you.

Oh, yeah. We also stopped to take a picture of a zebra.

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Madame Queen said...

You live in Hawaii!!?!?? You suck! Actually, I'm so green with envy right now I'm practically gangrene.

And I could just eat Pea's chubby legs. I love chubby baby legs!