Friday, March 14, 2008

Ah Vanity... a slimy, slippery slope.

(Normally I prefer to refrain from posting about my work, however...)
At this very moment, two of my female co-workers are in the bathroom 'trying on' oh-so-gently used Louis Vuitton purses that a co-worker's wife's friend is selling at (gasp) half-price. I am fairly snorting trying to contain my mirth at the ridiculous extent to which their vanity has taken them.

From the (relative) safety of my desk I can hear them twittering about which purse they like for them and which purse works better for the other. On the surface it is simply two frivolous women debating purchasing yet another over-priced handbag to add to their status collection; however, if you listen closely, you will hear the dangerous jealousies and selfish desires bubbling just below the surface.

Of course, when I suggested contacting my hair-dresser friend (whom they both go to) about the bargain (since she is also a LV devotee), one of them promptly snarled at me, "Back off!" At which time I quickly fled the scene, terrified I would either burst out laughing, be bitten by the rabid beasts...or possibly both.


Tj & Mark said...

I only speak "woman" well enough to communicate the basics. About like my spanish, I'd say. So, when you hear, by listening closely, those dangerous things bubbling, I would have missed the warning signs. HOWEVER, I still probably would have pretended that this behavior was completly normal.(Just naturally chicken)
Should I pray for you?

Bill Beck said...

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Tj & Mark said...

NOW WHAT?! You got a BoB nomination!.... but it was revealing of your co-workers.
I say your writing is way more important than paying bills and eating! Soooo write already!
What happened to aloha friday? Did your co-workers duct tape you to your desk? Type with your nose! mark

Momma Em said...

Awwww! *fluttering hands at misty eyes* You DO love me! I'm so excited I.....don't know what to do!

PS> Mark, the Aloha Friday post was actually right below this one. Ya know....Passion Baby and all that.