Friday, March 14, 2008

Passion Baby

My baby girl is passionate, well...about a lot of things but, this morning she is passionate about wind. She often likes wind and it doesn't really matter where from. Natural wind, fans, mommy and daddy blowing in her's all fun to her.

This morning, early this morning, TweeterPea decided she was done sleeping. It was about 2am early, so mean old Mommy and Daddy made her go back to sleep. Well, actually just Mommy since Daddy never woke up. So she tried again at 3-something. No dice. Mommy just changed her diaper, fed her and put her back to sleep again. Okay, how about 4:30? By this time Mommy was over it and beat Daddy till he woke up then gave TweeterPea to him while she took an early shower. So sleepy/mean Daddy gave her gas medicine and put her back to sleep. No wait, Daddy made Mommy give her the medicine and then Daddy took over.

When Mommy got out of the shower, Daddy had just managed to get TweeterPea quiet so Mommy laid back down with them to reclaim the 20 minutes of sleep she deserved. Of course by the second time the alarm went off Mommy was firmly wedged in dreamland and debated going to work a couple hours late. However, she hauled her groggy butt out of bed and got ready as quietly as possible since TweeterPea was still sleeping.

But that only lasted another half-hour because TweeterPea just didn't feel like staying asleep. So Mommy took her out to the living room to play in her excersaucer while Mommy had breakfast and indulged her blog addiction. But TweeterPea still wanted something more... So Mommy blew in her face, several times. Each and every time TweeterPea gasped and grinned. She does like her some wind; even morning-breath scented wind evidently.

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