Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Aloha Friday

So today is Good Friday and my wonderful SuperHubby and darling TweeterPea are staying at home (and presumably in bed for as long as possible) today. I'm just a little jealous of that, but much more jealous of DaddyLove getting to stay home with TweeterPea all next week as well. Ya know, spring break and all. Maybe I should become a teacher too. hmmm...

So instead of crawling right back into bed with my lovies, I get to haul my groaning hiney off to work again today. However, today is not just any normal day at work. No. Today I get to do my exit interview with HR. This should be...interesting. More on that later.

Now on to the order of the Aloha Friday!

Of all the Aloha Fridays I have or ever will do; what better day to talk about PASSION than Good Friday? I mean, come on! Can you get any more passionate than Jesus? Um, me thinks not.

Have you seen the Passion of the Christ? If not. DO. Just make sure you have a big box of tissues and are prepared for the most intense movie of your life.

As a christian, I've always had the knowledge that Christ died for me; but how often do Christians really recognize what Christ did for us? Honestly... I think the main reason why is because we are ostriches (figuratively speaking, of course). We don't want to truly acknowledge what Christ did for us because it would require us to change the way we live. It would require nothing short of the sacrifice of our own lives. (How's that for extreme?)

Living each and every day for Christ alone, stepping out in faith, and living according to his will can be a terrifying thought and is an intense way of life. Passion no longer exists as a thought or a dream but as a way of life. PASSION. It's how Jesus Christ lived his life. It's how he calls us to live ours. It's how I want to live mine.

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Tj & Mark said...

Truly the most passionate, resonating words I have read today!
I began a fast after a last supper/communion time thursday night. It helps me keep my head out of the sand for short periods of time to remind myself of the experiences of my savior before and during His crucifixion and resurection.
Most of the time I live as though Jesus was an admirable historical figure, and His loving plan of salvation is for the far off future. As though I had better be careful and provide everything for my family so we can hold out until that future arrives.
Moments at a time, my mind catches glimpses of Grace, and mercy, and the passionate love of a creator for His creation. Moments like I had yesterday suddenly realizing I was standing in a field of wildflowers that was only green grass earlier in the morning. Moments like I just had reading your post.
Thank you.