Monday, March 24, 2008

Heathen Drool

Haven't you heard? We're heathens now. We didn't go to church on Easter Sunday. That's right, people! We did not take our little TweeterPea to Sunrise (or otherwise) Service on her first Easter Sunday. Oh, we were awake alright; just not to be counted among the living. Instead we spent Easter Sunday with a screaming, crying, squirming, blood-sucking little terror that looked very much like our sweet little TweeterPea.

This morning while I was getting ready for work (and when DaddyLove and she came out for lunch) my sweet little TweeterPea reappeared (and melted my heart into a little puddle with one sleepy-eyed look this morning); however I'm told the monster was back in residence for the rest of the day. I feel very, very sorry for poor DaddyLove and am praying that the MonsterPea turns back into TweeterPea very soon.

If not; DaddyLove and I will be found at the nearest insane asylum. If you would be so kind as to visit, please bring bibs and soft fluffy pillows.


Tj & Mark said...

You guys like those soft fluffy pillows tall, medium, or flat? If God's kingdom was made of the folks in church on Easter morning, Then some of my favorite saints would be missing! Praying for tweeterPea too.

Easter sunrise last year was pretty memorable. We had reat guests, a beautiful sunrise, and sweet communion. Some new Photos are at: mark

oldfart said...

I am very upset that you would think my granndaughter would be a blood sucking little heathen. I am quite sure she was just expressing herself!! Hang in there guys you both were in that phase once and look at you now!!

Tj & Mark said...

Oldfart really tells it like it is!

Words of wisdom, tempered with grace, straight talk... Sounds like blogger roots to me. mark

Momma Em said...

Mark-tall, very tall fluffy pillows. Thank you for you prayers, I believe the storm is passing.

OldFart- Don't worry, the blood sucking has passed (for the most part). However, I'm sure if you were on the receiving end of one of her bites, you'd be thinking vampiress too.