Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Soooo....I've got 14 days left at my old job. And I don't have a new job yet....and I've been really busy at work trying to finish stuff....trying to find a new job...trying to simply survive...

Yeah, I know they're all lame excuses for not posting; but with all that and Anna struggling with teething and painful diaper rashes, I've been rather stressed out lately. Oh yeah, and Anna woke up crying about ten(thousand) times last night.

I love my husband, but he has this habit of not waking up at night even if Anna is screaming. As much as I'm tempted to smack his head and (maybe) wake him up; it's just easier to get up myself. Especially since I wake up every time she twitches.

Let's hope tonight is better. She did go down incredibly easy. That's a good sign, right?


Madame Queen said...

How do men do THAT? If Punkin rolls over in bed, I hear it, but she could walk in and cough right in Daddy's ear and he wouldn't hear a thing!

Hope she (and you!) sleep better tonight!

Tj & Mark said...

Parenting is the most demanding, and rewarding job there is... and with all the stresses coming at once, survival may just be your best short-term goal! buuttt, now that my kids are grown and don't often come to me with problems that I can fix with a hug, I think that as soon as you can take a deep breath you will be fine;) good luck

Anonymous said...

Remember, that I taught Dusty about diaper rash on the hands of the male species of humans as well as the dreaded sleep depredation disease found mainly in the male species also. I have been concerned for quite sometime now that Dusty would catch the rash knowing that he has been known to change diapers. How ever I am relieved to know he probaly wont catch the sleep depradation disease

Momma Em said...

Madame Queen- I don't know but I sometimes I think DaddyLove just pretends he doesn't hear her because he knows I'll get up.

TJ&Mark-oh, yeah...breathing might be a good thing to remember. Thanks!

Anonymous/OldFart~I'm just glad NanaB did more of the teaching than you! Keep your negative father-in-law trash away from my Super-hubby; you'll ruin him!