Thursday, March 13, 2008

Late Love Thursday

You know what? I don't even know where the Love Thursday tradition started. I simply saw it on several of the blogs I regularly read and decided to hop on the bandwagon.

Today has been a slightly odd day for me...not because of anything that happened...but I've just been in a rather odd mood. Quiet. Introspective. Just kind of...still...inside.

At least one of my co-workers thought I was either in a bad mood or having a bad day because I didn't feel much like talking or smiling.


I read something today that rang quite true for me: 'writing is not good or bad, just interesting.' (or something like that)

As the author of a public blog, of course I want my writing to be read. I've thought at various times about what might make my writing better, but now I see I just need to make it more interesting. Ha, good luck with that one.

My immediate thought after reading the above quote was that what is interesting to one person is blow-your-brains-out boring to another. I've noticed recently how the different blogs I read seem to have very different regular commenters (excepting the main bloggers that seem to read every blog on the internet...except mine). Of course it goes without saying that what one finds interesting says a lot about a person.

So what do the blogs I read say about me? I'll give you my take and you can give me yours. I'll list a few of my favorite blogs and tell you what I love best about them and you can give me an amateur psycho-analysis.

The Pioneer Woman - Romance (have you read her real-life love story!?!), photography, humor, ranch life in the Midwest.

Redneck Mommy - Sarcasm, wit, humor, redneck Canadian (need I say more?), bawdy and a bit over the top (she writes things I wouldn't dare say out loud)

Noble Savage - Humor, interesting articles, fun memes, she often responds to reader comments

TJ & Mark - More ranch life, sweet SWEET people

(believe me, there are many more but I just don't have time to list them all)

I think the thing I love the most, about all of the blogs I read, is getting to see other people's lives.

With some blogs it's like watching a family interact from the outside the living room window. It's entertaining; for at least as long as the crazy continues. But with others, it's as if the family opens the door an invites you in. "Come, be a part of our lives and we'll be a part of yours." It makes me wish I lived next door to them and really could walk through their front door.


Tj & Mark said...

It is being next door neighbors! The internet removes the space. But like next door neighbors we just lean over the fence once in a while to check in and say hi and share stories. Share life.

Tj & Mark said...

I think that your quote should finish; ..."writing is not good or bad, just interesting, or not. The interest is the responsiblity of the reader." Perhaps you should just write what interests you, and let us make the connection.
I also think that your choices in neighboring fences to lean on and visit show you to be discerning, wise beyond your years, a motivated listener, (and probably in need of a little couch time!) ;)

desirae said...

I know exactly what you mean. I love to see how other people lives are.. Whether it's driving by houses looking in windows to see what they are doing (that's sounds way more peeping tom than it is.).. Or reading other people's blogs.. A glimpse into other's lives.. I never thought of writing like that.. (the quote).. But I like that..

Momma Em said...

TJ&Mark-True, on both points. However leaning over the internet-fence is not nearly as fun. And yes, I need lots of couch time, preferably playing Wii.

Desirae-Welcome! I'm so honored you choose to peek in on my life. Now pardon me while I go peek in on yours.