Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Was Right!

I really was!

Okay, it all started at my first appointment when the midwife told me that if the morning sickness is significantly different from the first pregnancy it usually means a baby of the opposite sex. (I'm sure you see where I'm going with this)

At first I thought perhaps the morning sickness wouldn't be nearly as bad as it was with TweeterPea. Then I thought it was going to be infinitely worse (which I was afraid would kill me considering how bad it was with TweeterPea). And then it was gone! (cue angels singing)

Yes, it was definitely different. It was almost uncontrollable (three different medications and it still didn't really take care of it) but it only lasted through the first trimester instead of half-way into the third! (can I get a big Hallelujah!)

Of course there were also other things that were also different. With TweeterPea I continually craved fish and steak...and more fish. With TweeterPod I've been craving fruit and chips with salsa...and more fruit.

You gotta love a midwife who knows what she's talking about.

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