Monday, October 19, 2009

Very Overdue Update

Yes, I know... I suck at updating these days.

But I was right! We are having a BOY!

It was really the midwife who put the idea into my head when she told me that a significant difference in morning sickness usually meant a baby of the opposite sex, so I do have to give credit to her for planting the idea. But I was RIGHT.

Now let's just hope he makes his big debut just a smidge early rather than five days late like his big sister.


Tj and Mark said...

Congrats! My experience with the morning sickness was different in regards to the gender of the child, too. Might be something to that. I got really sick with both boys (hee, hee, still sometimes do)and not sick at all with my daughter ( hee, hee, still don't!). I got big and fat carrying her and both of the boys I gained less than 20 pounds and they both came early. Good luck.

Tj and Mark said...

Hey, when is the little fellow supposed to arrive? Update time I think.