Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine's Day Soapbox

Dear Consumer Girl,

Valentine's Day.
I am getting rather disgusted with the prevailing female-orientated consumerism that has taken over. It seems that everywhere we turn, we are constantly bombarded with the idea that Valentine's Day was created solely for the purpose of a man buying a woman some silly gift. Big, small, cheap or expensive. Chocolate, flowers, diamonds. And just to make sure he does...what does the woman (and the consumer-driven world in general) do? Guilt. Nag. Whine. Plead. Rage. Pressure. All but hold a gun to his head.

When did Valentine's Day become the offical day women take over the world and the men duck-and-cover as best they can? Now don't think I am bashing women. After all, I am one. But when did it become okay to terrorize the men in our lives if they didn't 'get it right' on Valentine's Day? That's just not right, Princess, and you know it.

I love the basic idea of Valentine's Day (a day to celebrate love) but I am completely fed up with women who think they are owed something special at the cost of a man. Get it through your greedy little head! Love is not about what others give you, material or otherwise. Love is selfless. Self-LESS. So get over yourself already. And guess what? If you cheerfully, and honestly, GIVE love instead of demanding it, you may just find what you've been missing out on. And so will your someone special!

Now get out there and love on somebody!


Bossy Momma

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