Friday, February 15, 2008

Tick Tock, Blogger!

It would be really nice if blogger actually updated my page a little more often so it would, ya know, show my new posts when I post them. But no, instead it takes a couple days before they show up.

I have been trying to post more often. I even have aspirations of posting every day. Ah, the irony. Now stop laughing. But why bother when no one would even see my brilliant *snort* words for several days anyway?

So let's try a little experiment. I'm posting this on February 15 at 2:30pm (Hawaiian time of course). Let's see just how long it takes to actually appear on my blog. I'll be taking bets on the side for all you psychic people that know I'm writing this before it is actually posted.



It actually took Blogger just under 24 hours to get this post online and the next one I wrote was actually added immediately. I almost fainted from the shock.

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