Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Um, Eww!

We all know that winter is the 'sick' season. Kids and co-workers pass germs around like they are going out of style. So why, oh WHY, would someone take a drink from my glass?

Yeah. My glass. Sitting on my desk. Nobody around.

How do I know? Because I hadn't taken a drink yet. Because it was a clear glass. Because it was a chocolate diet drink (really gross by the way). Because there was lipstick on the rim. And, of course, my co-workers all denied having done it.

Normally, I wouldn't freak out about someone I know taking a drink from my cup. But this was just TOO weird. Maybe a lipstick wearing, chocolate loving ghost slipped a quick sip while I was away from my desk. Or maybe one of my lipstick wearing co-workers stole the sip and were too embarrassed to admit it.

But it's okay; because the joke is on them.


Critically Christian said...

Why is the joke on them I dont get it. But at least we know one thing it wasn't a guy. Unless you have a lipstick wearing gentleman working with you. haha

Madame Queen said...

THAT is weird. And why *is* the joke on them? Had you added a laxitive? :)

I think I would have gone around the office like the gestapo, comparing lipstick colors!

Momma Em said...

Ha ha! I knew that line would probably confuse people. Allow me to clarify...

The joke is on them because:

A) They snuck a drink probably thinking it was chocolate milk (yummy) and instead got chocolate diet drink (yucky)

B) I'm sure they felt guilty for sneaking the sip and my publicly announcing it would have made the guilt so much worse.

C) A couple of my co-workers also voiced their opinion that drinking someone else's drink was "just wrong", which would have really heaped on the guilt.

So the joke is pretty much an icky taste coupled with a large helping of guilt. Besides, someone had recently donated the drinks to our office and there were several more in the fridge.