Monday, April 05, 2010

Much More Fun

Occasionally at TweeterPea's bedtime DaddyLove will hide in T's bedroom so we can go in and find him. TweeterPea always loves this little tradition but tonight it led to a rather hilarious moment.

After Pea found DaddyLove we all cuddled on her bed and she started pretending to sleep. She would put her head down on D's chest the pop back up and start laughing. It was so cute that DaddyLove and I started doing it with her. She laughed so hard that D and I just had to crack up with her.


william2233 said...

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jenna said...

hey momma love...i wonder that you two didn't fall asleep while "pretending" to be asleep. :) that's what i might have done, anyway. i've never been more tired than i have as a mother. my daughter is one and a half now and is starting to play those little games. so cute. what a fun night for you all! i know what you mean about being an aspiring artist but not knowing in exactly what way. i make things all the time, but can never decide just what i like best :)